The Dark Forest

Our universe lives by the principles of The Dark Forest Theorem outlined by Luo Ji. There is no doubt that humanity is a small spark in an ocean of life in the universe. We are not alone.


The Dark Forest Theorem is based off of two axioms and two principles:


  1. Every civilization is constantly expanding.
  2. There are finite resources in the universe.


  1. Any civilization can experience a technological explosion.
  2. The longer it takes to communicate, the faster chains of suspicion can grow.

With these four points in mind, it can be determined exactly how every alien civilization will treat every other alien civilization. When discovering another celestial civilization there are three options: communicate, do nothing, and attack.


Reaching out to communicate presents several issues. By communicating, you are giving up your location in this world. You are no longer hidden, your presence is known. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that whoever we communicate with will be benevolent. If they are malicious, we’ve just given them our location and announced there are resources to be had. If they are benevolent, this too leads us to issues as well. Since every civilization is constantly expanding and there are finite resources, this other civilization will eventually need more resources. We know this about them and they know this about us. Communication across the cosmos takes decades as nothing can travel faster than light. This delayed and dawdling communication will eventually start chains of suspicion in which the true nature of another civilization can never be fully trusted. One of the civilizations must betray the other eventually. By communicating first, the option of attacking first is given to the other civilization. Communication is an entirely risky move when trying to preserve the fate of humanity.

Doing Nothing:

If we are able to detect another civilization, eventually that civilization will be able to detect us. Any civilization can experience a technological explosion in which they advance at incredible rates in a short amount of time. When they are able to detect us, the same issues with communicating will present themselves. One of us will run out of resources. Doing nothing puts our civilization a step behind and is again a risky move for humanity in the long run.


With both communicating and doing nothing being faulted decisions, this leaves only attacking. By attacking first, our civilization knows that we are in the technological lead. We know that the other civilization does not know of us yet because if they had already known of us they would have attacked us first. 

This grim reality in which our civilization hinges on being malicious to any other entities for the fate of humanity is our greatest irony. Maintaining our humanity here requires us to throw away our humanity.

How fitting it is to have our species' fate depend on us unifying to abandon the morality that makes us human. I speak now, in ideals. The belief that man is good and that our morality makes us human is a notion we can no longer have faith in. This last year our world has been fraught with chaos, destruction, idiocy, and carelessness. As a whole, the human race is rapidly losing what we used to believe made us humans. Our morals are burning away along with our physical world.

By embarking on this path of malice and destruction of attacking every civilization we come in contact with we actually will behave in a way fitting to our current image of humanity. Manufacturing destruction and bringing end to other civilizations will be another ignored headline in a sea of terror and misdeeds in our world.

However, even with this ghastly view on humanity, we could never unify to actually bring death to others in the universe. Our in-fighting has plagued us since our conception and will continue to control our lives. Even now we play toxic games that pit humans against humans in a jaunt of sport and amusement. We believe ourselves to be radiant and valiant heroes that fight against other heroes who dare to bring dire ends to us all. In reality, both sides of every war see themselves as the brave hero and the other as a traitor to humanity.

To set ourselves on the right path, we must clear the dark forest by announcing ourselves, emboldening our strengths, and discovering a method in which peace is an option.

Before you can do this, you need to follow the path of love first before you can return here.

_ _ _ _