To leave a legacy of knowledge is to build upon the legacies of others. By advancing the known information of the world you can sew yourself into the history of this universe.

In our histories, our writings, and our ideals, it is known that advancing our technologies often creates lasting impact on the entirety of humanity. As we have stood on the shoulders of the giants of our past we can expect those in the future to stand upon us.

Take this first step into understanding what the legacy of knowledge means to you.


As surely as the sun rises in the morning, the sun will set in the evening. On this planet we are blessed with our one and only sun. Not all systems in the universe are granted the privilege of a singular solar entity. It may often be thought that more is better, but in this universe and in this society any modicum of order and predictability is a true treasure. The chaos and confusion presented by having multiple solar entities is simply something we must refuse to accept.

In the pages of our history already written and to be determined, there are countless literatures that portray what such a world would look like thrown into the disarray of a triple solar entity system. These works and writings may illuminate our path to what we must do in the future. Following the order of these writings, we must not second guess ourselves. One of these writings must show us the way in which we should live our lives in this boundless universe.

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