• Isolation Gasket Mount
  • 65%
  • 3 colors: E-White, Black, Purple
  • Typing Angle: 4 degrees
  • Front Height: 15 mm
  • Top Right Blocker w/ Badge
  • Back Weight w/ Badge
  • Solder and Hotswap PCB
  • QMK and VIA
  • USB-C w/ ESD Protection by coarse-keys
  • Seamless case (seam is on the underside)

This new board is the Charon, it's based around the oarsmen from Greek Mythology and the painting Isle of the Dead by Arnold Böcklin. We went into this board design with several goals and themes.

We wanted another gasket mount board, but with larger tabs on the plate for the gasket-plate contact but room for the plate to bend. We also wanted to utilize a more detailed and creative weight design paired with the same badge thoughts as the Sunsetter (a front badge and a back badge that goes into the weight). We also were aiming for a heavier board with a much larger weight. Lastly, we wanted a seamless design.

The design on the backweight is an interpretation of the painting Isle of the Dead. Over the years, Böcklin re-painted this work in multiple iterations with slight changes each time to reflect what was going on in his life. In modern culture, many others have created their own interpretation of the painting themselves through various mediums (3D models, games, animations, etc). Our team has re-created the painting on a keyboard weight with some changes. Last year, I lost an important relationship with a friend where things had to end. On the Charon weight, you can see there are two people standing across each other on the island, with Charon coming to bring an end to the relationship.



Choose any of the three colors for the Top:

- Black | Purple | E-White (+$10)

Choose any of the three colors for the Bottom:

- Black | Purple | E-White (+$10)
  • Brass (PVD Mirror) Badge Kit
  • Copper Backweight
  • Brass (PVD Mirror) Plate
  • Rubber Plate Foam
  • Screw, bump-ons, etc

$450 Base

Add-ons (Rough estimates on pricing)

  • Plates: Alu (Black) $35 | Carbon Steel $35 | FR4 $15 | Brass $40
  • Badge Kits: Brass $35 | Stainless Steel $50 | Titanium $55 | Copper $40 | Mahogany $35
  • All of the Badge Kits (not including brass again): $160
  • PCBs: PCB $45 | Deco PCB $10
  • Weights: Brass $150 | Stainless Steel $170 | Copper $120 (cheaper bc default is brass now so we have better rates for more units)