ARG: Life After Death

Life After Death

The Legacy We Leave

When our time has passed in this world and in this reality, there are many important questions that we must ask ourselves. What will happen now that we’re gone? Did we make an impact on anything or anyone? Were we helpful? All of these questions are derived from one desire, the desire to leave a legacy. There are five different paths in which we can leave a legacy: knowledge, culture, love, vision, and power. Each path brings about various levels of effect and different ranges of those affected. Regardless of which paths are taken, you will die and a legacy will be left. The strength and essence of your legacy depends on you. All the legacies of those past and those future culminate into the representation of what humanity is. This paradox of a final yet unending representation of humanity is what we search for in every action we take.

The 5 Pillars of Legacy

Collect 'em all

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