all.caps Starter PBT Sets

The Type: Starter sets were designed by thatsdho in collaboration with Charue Design. One of our goals starting out was to create monochrome sets of various hues; this way, we could match with boards more easily. Initially, we wanted to create GMK sets, however the timeline for GMK has become a bit long for us so we sought out to create a new series of keycaps that we hope can help fill the demand for premium keycaps.


For these first three sets, we chose red, blue, and green and coincidentally they matched with the elemental types of Fire, Water, and Grass. As it likely is for many others, we grew up playing lots of different video games and were inspired to create sets reminiscent of our childhood. We hope that everyone enjoys the Type: Fire, Type: Water, and Type: Grass sets and can’t wait to show more of what we’re working on!