Charon Update #1

Hey all! Thanks for joining the Charon GB, if you missed out, there will be extras later!

I am most active on the Charue Design Discord, but will respond to questions here and through my email best I can. I'll be posting all updates, small or large, on the Discord and posting only the important big updates here.


Charon Production:

- Case Production has been paid for and is starting production. Estimated lead time is 8-10 weeks (this includes badges/weights)

- Metal Plate Production is being re-quoted and should take 3-4 weeks for production

- PCBs are being re-quoted as well, I'm switching PCB manufacturers (already ordered samples from new place) because the original one increased costs + MCU prices went up, new manufacturer is great and a tad faster, 3-5 weeks lead time

- POM plates and Wool Felt production hasn't started, but it takes literally 6 days for it to be made and sent to me, I live 20 minutes from the factory

- FR4 plates haven't been ordered yet, the proto design is plain and I want to add some silkscreen design to it. Lead time is about 1-2 weeks

- Rubber parts are in queue for production, should take 4-5 weeks

- Box Design in progress, once design is done lead time is about 1-2 weeks, they're local to me as well

- Others (stickers/authenticity cards/extra fun stuff) are being designed, lead time for production is also 1-2 weeks since they're local to me as well


Quick FAQ

Q: Can I add extras?
A: Yes, you have until July 11th to DM/E-Mail me your order # + what you want

Q: I missed the GB, when are extras up?
A: Extras will be up for sale about 2 weeks after GB delivers

Q: Are plate files released?
A: No, but we plan to release plate files after GB delivers

Q: What's the mystery color?
A: It is a mystery. It won't be purple/black/white and I won't tell you

Q: Can I get a discount code for the FE Charon?
A: Yeah, if you're my friend or family.

Q: Can I join the private Chyuu GBs for friends/family?
A: Yeah, if you're my friend or family.

Q: Will extra add-ons be available in the future?
A: Yes, during extras sales there will be extra add-ons. Later in the year I'll have an inventory clear-out for Sunsetter, Charon, and whatever other boards we make.

Q: Where can I ask other questions?
A: Fastest is in the Discord. You could also leave a comment or email in!

Thanks all!

- Mickey + Charue Design Team



I will now accept Charons as payment to cross the Styx.

Thanks for the collab!

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